June 2001 tips

Tip 1 -   Contract 4 ª by South           (Degree of difficulty = 7)
West leads the Jack of hearts. You duck at dummy, so does East and you win the trick with the Queen. Then you try the finesse spade but East takes with the King, cashes the Ace of hearts and plays the 4 of spades. How should you plan your play (I want you to play with a probability of 75%)?

After losing 2 tricks, you have still 2 loser clubs; if the King of clubs is well positioned in West (50%) you make the contract playing Ace and then little to the Queen. But if the King  of club is in East? Another possibility is offered by the finesse diamonds: if  it succeeds, you may discard a loser club. Now, which finesse has to be taken first? Since you cannot play before the Ace of clubs and then little to the Queen because if the King is badly situated you would lose 3 clubs, and you cannot take at once the finesse diamonds since if it doesn't work, you should lose a club anyway, the right way to play the hand is as follows: you start trying clubs playing little to the Queen and if the finesse doesn't work, you take the return in the suit and try the finesse diamond.
So doing, it is sufficient to make the contract that one of the 2 finesses works out well (75%).

Tip 2 -   Contract 4 ª by South           (Degree of difficulty = 4)

West leads the 4 of hearts to East's Ace. East returns heart for the Jack of West who cashes also the King and then switches to club. How should South plan his play?

Having  already lost the 3 tricks you can afford, you take at once the return club, make the trump finesse playing little to the King and then little from dummy to the Jack (that is the way of doing the finesse…. lol) After drawing the last trump, you now can discard the losing club on the diamonds, taking care not to block the suit, playing before the honours from the short side of diamonds.

Tip 3 -   Contract 6 ªby South           (Degree of difficulty = 4)

West leads the Jack of clubs. How should South plan his play?

South should overtake the honour of club at dunny with the Ace in his hand since he will need an entry at dummy to cash 2 diamonds. After taking with the Ace the initial lead, Sould will draw trumps, play Ace and Queen od diamonds, go at dummy with the honour of clubs, cash the king and the Jack of diamonds on which discard the 2 loser hearts.
Before to play the first trick, be sure to make a complete plan: in this case if you do not  preserve the dummy entry, the contract would be set.

Tip 4 -   Contract 4 © by South           (Degree of difficulty = 6)

West leads the King of clubs. How should South plan his play?

South should take the first trick with the Ace of clubs, play then Ace and little spase, estabilishing the long suit by ruffing twice at dummy. Taken every return of opponents, he ruffs at dummy a spade, comes in the hand playng a trump. Ruffs another spades with the King, draws trumps and cashes the estabilished spade and the Ace of diamonds, giving 2 diamonds in the end.

Tip 5 -   Contract 4 © by South           (Degree of difficulty = 6)

>West leads the Queen of clubs. How should South plan his play?

South has 4 losers, one more he can afford. How can he discard one loser and make the contract?
He has to take at dummy the initial lead, draw trumps and then duck twice diamond, playing the "white coup". After the first "white coup", let opponents return club (for instance), South takes at dummy and gives another "white coup" at diamond. Opponents can take and cash a club but, after that, south takes and play his last diamond, covered by the Ace of dummy and on the estabilished diamond he can now discard the loser spade.

Tip 6 -   Contract 6 NT by South           (Degree of difficulty = 12)

West leads the 8 of clubs. How should South plan his play?

You have 8 sure tricks and you can develop 4 diamonds if you lucky and, most of all, if you play well! You have been lucky: the Ace and the Jack of diamonds are in East! But if you took the initial lead at once to begin to play diamond, you have lost your contract! In fact, a good player in East would duck and you would take the trick with an honour of diamonds. Now you cannot replay a diamond from your hand but you have to go at dummy with the Queen of spades to play again diamonds. This time East would take with the Ace and play again spades taking off the last entry of dummy when diamonds are not estabilished since the honour in your hand bloks them. The correct timing is to take in your hand the initial lead, to go to dummy with spades and play little diamonds towars your hand. When you take yo go again at dummy playing a spade to play again a diamond. Now East has no defence since the entry at dummy (the Queen of clubs) cannot  be directly attacked before diamonds are estabilished.

june 2001 tips